• Aus Dril- 700 meter
  • Max Drill - 600 meter
  • Speed Star Drill - 400 meter
  • Test Pumping Unit - 500 meter (Testing Capacity)


Arrow Drilling Kenya Limited are well experiences in exploration / minerals sector.

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Testing Pumping and Installation of Pumps

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Test Pumping

Test Pumping are undertaken to determine the productivity of a borehole and its ability to meet users’ needs in terms of drinking water.


Two types of test pumping are usually performed:

  • Step-drawdown test (continuous and intermittent): pumping the borehole at increasing discharge rates to determine the borehole performance.
  • Constant-rate test: pumping at a constant rate for an extended period (24 hrs) to provide information on the hydraulic characteristics of an aquifer. The constant-rate test is the best option for predicting the behaviour of an aquifer under long-term pumping.

We have 24 hr power generating system to run the pump test

The two parameters that must be measured during any pumping test are the water level in the borehole and the pumping rate. To achieve this, we are using discharge measurement. It will be done by a volumetor method of 20 litres, 50 litres or 200 litres depending on the ground water level.

Water level will be monitored by electric sounding or lighting dipper. We are using a 1” piezometre tube installed with the test pump secured by insulation tape.

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Installation of Pumps

Water well pumping system is very critical to maintain a consistent flow, pressure of water and long lasting system. Trust us to get your water from the well to your drinking glass.

Once your water well has been drilled, constructed and a supply of water has been obtained, we install a quality water pump system that matches the well with the volume and pressure requirements of your home or business.

Well pump systems typically include a jet pump or submersible well pump (or booster pump), a water tank and pressure switches to control the flow of your well water. Based on the requirements, we will help you in installing the pumps.